I am the Founder of Barnebee Holdings LLC– the company behind


Artificial Intelligence Made Easy

Which is a company that produces chatbots and their associated facilities for medium sized businesses. We work with companies to provide fortune 500 capabilities to firms that previously may not have been able to afford projects of this nature

I have been an AI Innovator and Influencer for decades. I have created industry standards, moderated leading industry user groups, and was a part of the Research/Development team at IBM on the Watson project, going on to do implementations as part of global services for many years.

I was designated one of the “200 Most Powerful (AI) Thought Leaders to Follow in 2021”. I hold five patents in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

I’ve done presentations on AI topics for Government AI users, including the US Armed Forces and the GSA.

I’ve worked with companies to strategize, roadmap, implement and realize the ROI of AI across various markets, including Retail, Insurance, Healthcare, Government, Fintech, and Disaster Response.

In my previous employment, I was the Principal Architect at a consulting company that is an AWS premier partner. I was working with multiple technical teams to create AI implementations and migrations of infrastructure to AWS platforms for multiple customers.

Before that, I was the VP of Architecture, AI, and Infrastructure for GetSwift- a last-mile logistics company. I ran multiple departments including Infrastructure, DevOps, AI development, Data Services, and QA. I handled configuring cloud providers, monitoring, Infrastructure as Code, AI components, provisioning servers and networks in both hardware and software, on-premise and cloud. I handled and trained others in building servers and infrastructure, CI/CD pipelines, etc.  I handled vendor negotiations and contract management. I created deployment procedures and processes. I managed multiple departments during the acquisition of multiple companies and the merging of their technologies and personnel.

And before that I was an Enterprise Architect, working with companies to create integrated systems with the best of modem orchestration, Artificial Intelligence, DevOps, Cognitive, and IoT components. I designed and developed integration layers for multiple IoT interfaces. (Cognitive, Alexa, Google, IFTTT). Deployments with current patterns (Docker, etc). 

I am a US Army Combat Veteran. I do any kind of Artificial Intelligence consulting, including change management, executive education, development and testing.

I’m comfortable addressing the CXO level of corporations, as well as delivering extremely technical presentations.

My Resume – Pretty version

My Resume – ATS-compatible version

Patents in Artificial Intelligence




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The Ontology Group I founded on Linkedin over 12 years ago:

Ontologies, OWL-S, SPARQL interest group

The IEEE standards group “Cyber Security for Next Generation Connectivity Systems” of which I’m a member


Juypter Notebook with Hitchhikers’ ML notebook and Running Instructions

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Github Repositories with some older code


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